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Welcome to Wimborne Guitars, where we cater for all guitarists - from the raw beginner stage right up to advanced level abilities.

Our weekly informal guitar coaching group sessions are aimed at those wishing to learn guitar or improve their skills. The learning style is informal and set at a pace which all can follow. You will need your own guitar; either acoustic or electric. A music stand will be beneficial if you have one. All other materials will be provided via the members' pages of this web site, once you have joined us as a Wimborne Guitars member.

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Membership costs £12 per year. If you regularly attend paid sessions throughout the year, you will qualify for free membership the following year.

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Weekly coaching sessions are held on
Tuesday evenings and
Wednesday afternoons
The cost is 1 SESSION CREDIT per session,
paid in advance by bank transfer.

For our latest pricing structure,
please click on the link below to go to the
Session Dates and Times
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Session Dates

Latest News

Our on-line sessions run each week during term time. There are 4 on-line sessions each week. Please see our Session Dates and Times page for details

If you are interested in joining one of the sessions (or you can join them all) please subscribe to our newsletters and join us as a member. You can join at any time during the year. If you want to catch up on previous sessions, head to the Sessions To Go page.

And you can always call me on 07393 034365.

Apart from the weekly coaching sessions, private guitar tuition is always available. A face to face tuition session in your own home costs just 3 session credits for a 30 minute session, or 5 session credits for a one hour session. An online 30 minute private guitar tuition session costs just 2 session credits.
(Please add 1 session credit to the above face to face prices if you live outside a 5 mile radius from Wimborne Square).

Please contact Mark for more details and to arrange a One-To-One private tuition session, tailored to your exact requirements.

Here's a great way to watch the sessions again, or catch up on sessions you missed. Sessions To Go are a great new way to make the most of your guitar playing, wherever and whenever you like!

Here's Mark in a brief video which introduces Sessions To Go videos:

In this video, Mark tells you how to access the Sessions To Go videos:

It's not often that a really innovative design of plectrum is produced. Plectrums (or picks, if you prefer) have been much the same for many years. But now, here's something really new. Three picks in one! A brilliant new design by a couple of British guys; they've called it the Switch Pick. Easy to grip so it doesn't ping off into the sound hole of your guitar when you're playing, it has TWO thicknesses, 0.6mm and 1.2mm. It even has an extra serated edge for a full, meaty strumming effect. With a choice of materials, I think it may be time to lay aside my beloved Fender Thins. I bought some Switch Picks to try and they're excellent. Take a look for yourselves; watch the video, then click on the Switch Pick logo to visit their web site.

Switch Pick

Our members have made recordings on YouTube! Here are a couple of songs we recently recorded. Enjoy!

Wimborne Guitars gift vouchers are a great way to give someone you love a special present! The vouchers may be bought for any value in increments of £5 and can then be redeemed against session fees or private tuition. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of issue.
Click HERE to send me an email enquiry for gift vouchers, or call Mark on
07393 034365.

Check out the Wimborne Guitars YouTube channel! The channel includes short videos demonstrating some of the topics we cover in the coaching sessions. Click HERE to go to the Wimborne Guitars YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel

Tel.: +44(0)2392 160885

Mob.: +44(0)7393 034365

Email: mark@wimborneguitars.co.uk

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